Commercial Claims

business insurance claims

Has your business been affected by the recent floods? Just one of many reasons you may have found yourself on our website looking for an experienced and reliable firm of independent Loss Assessors.

We understand making your commercial insurance claim can be a daunting task to approach, even for the most adept business owner and especially with the addition of the tension caused by the possibility of ensuing business interruption. This is compounded by the fact that when you make a claim, your insurance company may employ a Loss Adjuster to adjust your claim, with the aim of minimising the Insurance Companies exposure.

Call us today and we can help alleviate the pressure and assist you with the preparation and presentation of your business insurance claims resulting from fire, flood, escape of water and impact damage.

Our team will look after you and take you through the full claims process, minimizing the impact on your business and maximizing the settlement you expect. While we work on your case, you can focus on getting the business back on shape.

The best time to call us is before you make your claim, but we can still step in if your claim in underway and you’re having problems with your insurance company.

If you have any queries or would like help with a current case, just call us now on 0844 272 1005 to arrange a no-obligation consultation with one of our team.