Question : What is a property claim?

Answer : A property claim is any damage that occurs to your home or business, and is covered under your insurance policy. For example: Water damage, Fire or Smoke damage.

Typically, when damage occurs to a home or business, the homeowner or business owner would call their insurance company (much like car owners do when they have an accident). The Insurance Company will create a claim and dispatch an adjuster to the home or business.

Question : What is an insurance policy?

Answer : An insurance policy is a contract which has very technical language and procedures which must be followed. The insurance policy must be carefully looked at by an expert to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that you, the Insured, will receive your maximum entitlements allowed under the policy.

Question : What is a Loss Adjuster?

Answer : An Adjuster is the person that determines the amount of money you should receive for your property damage.
They represent and are paid by your Insurance Company, they ALWAYS look after the Insurance Company’s best interests.

Question : What is a Loss Assessor?

Answer : A person with specialist knowledge, appointed by you the policy holder to assess your claim and negotiate with your Insurer or their loss adjuster the best possible settlement for you.

Question : Why use a Loss Assessor, my Insurance adjuster will give me what I need?

Answer : Our experience tells us this is unlikely. Insurance Company adjusters work for, report to, and are paid by, the insurance company. Insurance Company loss adjusters are trained professionals who represent the interests of the Insurance Company. An average policyholder working alone with an insurance adjuster is like an average person having a court case without a solicitor who knows every law. Policyholders need equal representation.

We are your exclusive representatives. As a claim expert looking out for your interests, you have a skilled professional fighting in your corner. Don’t take the risk of possibly losing out on thousands of pounds you may be entitled to.

Question : My claim was not accepted by my Insurance Company, am I entitled to a second opinion?

Answer : Yes! We have many clients that were told their claim was not going to be paid. We simply re-open the loss, negotiate with your insurance company, and insist the claim is re-instated (if you have a valid claim).

Question : At what point, in the claims process, should I use Ethos Claims?

Answer : We strongly recommend that you call before you call your claim into your insurance company or broker. Doing so ensures that you’ll get the professional help you need immediately. However, you can enlist our services at any time (before you raise your claim, during your claim negotiations, and even after your claim has been closed). Basically, it’s never too late.

Question : Will the Insurance Company Adjuster object to us using a Loss Assessor?

Answer : The policy of insurance is very complex. There are many questions and problems as to how the policy provisions-can be applied in different circumstances. Many insurance companies’ representatives actually prefer to work with an experienced loss assessor rather than directly with the Insured.  In cases where an Insurance Adjuster offers objections to hiring a loss assessor, or indicates that you really do not need your own representative, this should immediately alert you to the fact that they may be trying to avoid another professional inspecting their work. The insurance company has hired their adjuster to look out for their interest.

Why shouldn’t you?

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